Why Portugal?

  • In 2018 we were considered by the Institute of Economics and Peace as the fourth most peaceful country in the world;
  • According to the information of the National Institute of Statistics the Portuguese real estate market grew 24% in the second half of 2018 in relation to the same period of 2017;
  • Portugal won the 2018 World Travel Awards Award and the Best European and World Golf Destination.

Project Benefits

  • Buy a property available in Portugal up to €500,000.00 (minimum up to €280,000.00);
  • Approval can be obtained after three months;
  • An investment to benefit three generations (children and both parents can apply);
  • Visa free of pass by 26 European countries;
  • They can work in Portugal, enjoy free medical service and education.
  • Only need to live for 7 days a year, after 5 years can request permanent residence, 6 years can apply for naturalization to obtain a passport Portuguese.

Advantages of Portuguese Property

  • Currently market prices are at a moderate growth stage;
  • Growing leasing market with good demand momentum, yield annual incomes to be around 3% to 5% in residential area;
  • Holiday destinations and to reside, Portugal has a climate of 4 seasons;
  • Attracts large numbers of tourists each year; A unique design.
  • Portugal has large amounts of marble, raw material widely used in European architecture;
  • Refined holiday homes, luxury city with luxurious apartments, with a vast number of residence support properties.

Map based on information DR 175/2018 of September 11 and the National Institute of Statistics.


AMI: 4473

(+351) 21 371 43 40

Rua Rodrigo da Fonseca, 51, 1250-190 Lisboa, Portugal

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