The Central group has a customer-centric view, we provide a range of professional service throughout the entire life cycle of a property through our partners, namely:


  • Real estate mediation;
  • Real estate management;
  • Management of leases;
  • Construction management;
  • Management of energy contracts, water, communications and House organization;
  • Financial intermediation and insurance;
  • Analysis and review of real estate taxes;
  • Tax representation service.


1. Improvement of Care

Generally, the customer has only one contact in one stop shop agency, responsible for managing your account and forwarding the required demands to your colleagues.

Therefore, customer service is better, because you have control of all the information, which is presented in a more organized way. This also facilitates the construction of a more friendly and lasting relationship between companies.

2. Ease of requesting changes

3. Save time

You can make changes to the project easier and, if there are additional costs involved, you will know immediately.

This is because your contact person will be responsible for accompanying all actions, including in the management of the contract and in the transfer of financial information.

You may have heard that time is money, right? When you don't need to call multiple people until you get in touch with who you really want to talk to, you save time and don't need to repeat the same information on a link.

This is especially important in case of more pressing errors or doubts, when you have a faster contact and avoids wasting time, money, stress and frustrations. In fact, errors tend to decrease, since communication is more fluid.

3 Advantages of Hiring our agency One-Stop Shop

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